Gifts and Donations

These documents are made available to garrison gift coordinators. Additional questions can be directed to the email address listed below.

IMCOM MWR Gifts Program Manager :

Delegations of Authority

SecArmy to IMCOM CG for NAF Gifts (12 July 2011)
IMCOM CG Delegation - NAF Gifts (30 May 2012)
IMCOM CG Delegation - For Distribution (16 March 2012)


AR 1-100
AR 215-1
AR 1-101
Quick Reference Guide

Policy and Procedures

Direct Liaison Authority
Quarterly Reporting Memo
Appointment of Garrison Gift Coordinator Memo
Soldier and Family Assistance Center (SFAC) Memo
Information Paper - Garrison Leaders

Tools & Templates

Template - Proffer Letter for Goods
Template - Proffer Letter for Cash
Template - Quarterly Report
Gifts and Donations Common Reporting Mistakes


Gifts to Army Website:
Online Donations:

Army Gift Program logo and link
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