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Financial Management Office | Financial Plans & Programs Office | Risk Management Insurance Office
NAF Central Banking & Investment Office | Financial Administration Division


Our mission is to formulate NAF financial management policies for and provide financial oversight of Army field (NAFIs).


  • Formulates NAF financial management regulatory policy, including budget guidance, for Army field NAFIs.
  • Serves as command point of contact with Defense Finance and Accounting Service for NAF accounting policies, procedures, and systems.
  • Reviews and evaluates MACOM-approved NAF budgets.
  • Receives and reviews NAFI financial statement and maintains the NAF financial data base.
  • Monitors NAF budget execution and analyzes financial operating results.
  • Provides NAF financial data as required to the Congress, OSD, ARSTAF, MACOMs, program managers, technical management assistance teams, outside agencies, etc.
  • Provides financial management of individual NAF major construction projects.
  • Manages the CPMC and MACOM Operational Self-Sufficiency Exemption (SSE) funding programs.
  • Provides field NAFI financial information for merger into the DODI 7000.12 report.
  • Serves as the functional proponent for installation Financial Management Divisions.




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