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Balance: Education, Training, Experience


LDAP OCONUS tours of duty
generally do not exceed five years.

May return to CONUS by applying for vacancies in DoD, federal agencies or public organizations.

LDAP will monitor employees
at the conclusion of the terms
of DA Form 3440 for recommendations to the review board for available
CONUS LDAP vacancies.

The Leader Development Assignment Program is the strategic and tactical management of senior civilian leader assignments (people and positions) in order to effectively meet mission requirements and enhance installation management and leadership competencies. Senior civilian leaders in mobile LDAP positions have priority consideration for key assignments and access to cross-functional opportunities. Rotational assignments are centrally funded and enhance the development of well-rounded, multi-functional, diverse leaders prepared to manage within IMCOM, Family and MWR and the U.S. Army.

LDAP applies to the following CF-51 Family and MWR positions:

  • Family and MWR directors and key senior positions
  • Region/Installation
    • Director of Family and MWR
    • Business Operations
    • Child, Youth and School Services
    • Family and MWR Support
    • Community Recreation
  • General Manager, Armed Forces Recreation Centers
  • General Manager, Army Recreation Machine Program
  • IMCOM/Family and MWR must be organizationally, functionally and geographically mobile.
  • Assignments are management-initiated or directed and normally occur every three to five years.
  • Decisions regarding LDAP assignments will be made by the Family and MWR LDAP review board

Order of priority for assignment consideration will be:

  • IMCOM/Family and MWR mission requirements
  • Accomplishments and assignment preferences
  • Evaluation of career goals and objectives
  • Continued contribution to the enhancement of installation management business and leadership competencies.

Participation in the civilian mobility can be accomplished by completing the
LDAP Agreement and returning the agreement to LDP@conus.army.mil.


  1. Complete the IMCOM forms Profile and Assignment Preference (2-A)  and Mobility Agreement (2B). Submit these forms along with a resume to LDP@conus.army.mil.
  2. You are hired into a vacated LDAP position.
  3. You work as a management trainee as a condition of your employment.
LDAP employees are assigned leadership positions that enhance their career and professional development. LDAP employees have broader experiences in installation management capabilities, business and leadership competencies and develop a vast network of peers and leaders, and opportunities to share knowledge, experiences and insight on various issues that will contribute to mission.

Contact Us: LDP@conus.army.mil


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