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U.S. Army NAF Retirement Plan

Defined Benefit Retirement Plan


These are features of the Army NAF Retirement Plan:

  • Effective 1 Jan 01, participation mandatory for new hires, re-hires and newly eligibles for the first 6 months of eligibility  
  • Costs you 2% of Gross Wages 
  • 5 years participation > You will receive monthly benefit at retirement for life 
  • Your contributions normally are returned within 1-3 years of monthly retirement benefits, then for the rest of your life, you will receive all NAF money. And your spouse will receive a benefit for the rest of his/her life too if you pre-decease your spouse. 
  • May purchase up to 5 years of military service (provided the military service is not already providing you a retirement benefit, or you have not used the military service in another company's retirement plan) - Military Service Purchase Program 
  • Credit for service of non-redeposit of retirement plan refunds 

Retirement Plan Information Material:
Retirement Booklet
Retirement Plan Documents

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